Headwaters Veterinary Hospital

11370 HWY 287
Three Forks, MT 59752



At Headwaters Veterinary Hospital, we strive to provide the most progressive medicine and surgery for your companion animals. Our hospital is equipped with digital radiography, ultrasound, endoscopy, in-house bloodwork including in-house thyroid checks, state-of-the-art anesthetic monitoring, and the latest pharmaceuticals including transfusion medicine.

Our orthopedic team, headed by Dr. Kelly Hall, is trained in canine knee repair, including TPLO, Arthroscopy, Lateral Suture, SHO(Sliding Humoral Osteotomy), and Patellar Luxation Repair. We are specially equipped to handle traumatic fracture repair in all sized dogs and cats, with plating and cutting edge hardware, including locking screws and hip toggle.  To learn more about the anatomy and function of canine cruciate disease, click on the following link.  Understanding Cruciate Disease

Our Spay and Castration surgeries include pre-anesthetic blood panels, IV catheterization, intra-op fluids, post-op analgesia and take-home pain management. We believe that no surgery is routine and we take every precaution for a safe recovery.

Dr. Kelly Hall is certified in Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy.  We continue to attempt to bring you and your animals the highest level of care and non-invasive options for therapy. 


Traumatic fracture repair in a young Labrador Retriever performed by Kelly Hall, DVM



Traumatic fracture repair in an 8 year-old Bulldog performed by Kelly Hall, DVM